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Our experience of the world around us is increasingly mediated by technology, full of promise and limitations. As we embrace the newness, convenience, and speed of the modern world, what are we compromising? What are we forgetting? What are we failing to observe? What are we learning? What is the effect of technology on nature, on human nature?

In my work, I seek to present a pause for self-reflection, to stimulate thought, and to encourage observation. I view my work as planting a seed. Whether or not the seed blossoms depends entirely upon the viewer. For some, it may flower immediately; for others, it may lie dormant for some time before springing to life; for still others, it may never blossom.

My work is only fully realized through the interaction of the viewer — with the work, with others in the space and through the thoughts the work may provoke, the memories it may recall. My hope is to provide an experience that brings the viewer to questions, furthers their own spirit of inquiry, engages their curiosity, makes them imagine.


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